Wardrobe Architect Week 2: Defining a Core Style

It’s Week 2!

How did your answers shake out from Week 1? I’m currently working through Sarai Mitnick’s Wardrobe Architect series, and am really loving what’s happening here. I’ve decided to keep it fun and loose for myself, ultimately coming out with the why behind my choices, as well as a well-edited collection.

This week’s worksheet uncovers the looks that make you feel your best, those that don’t, and the words associated with your personal story from Week 1.

Sarai suggests we each have aspects of our style that are closer to who we are and to our own personal realities. Much like hundreds of other women, I’m a blue jean girl. A natural girl. I let my curls loose. When I leave the house, I reach for something simple. And though I love makeup, (so much; I get a natural high walking through Sephora), I don’t wear much.

More personal realities: I run. I sweat. Pet fur is REAL around here. The temperatures in Michigan swing year-round like a pendulum and you’ve gotta be READY.  

So this week, I’ve filtered myself down to five core style words pulled from my personal history, philosophy, culture, community, activities, location, and body:

At ease 

I collected images that represented these words—not just a straightforward representation, but also the moods and feelings these words conjure up. Even places. Next week we'll move from these general ideas to examining the actual elements that make up a consistent style, like color, construction, textiles, and details.

So go get it, girl! 

Read this week's prompt and define your core style over at Colette here.

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