An Afternoon Hike in the Wetlands

Last week we packed a bag and hit a trail about 30 miles north of here. It felt good. The last time we were able to get out was back in April, and you haven’t even seen that yet. Because life.

That afternoon was teeming with life. Lush, and green, and thick, and just soo much life everywhere. I instantly regretted not throwing my wildflower guide into our pack, as lovely tiny flowers were all over, carpeting our walk. Spotted knapweed, bird’s-foot trefoil, common mullein, and pineapple-weed grew all around us, and that’s only what I could identify from memory!

Frogs jumped from our path and a small beaver (maybe muskrat) dipped into the dike among the cattails. At one point we both froze with our breath in our throats as a large osprey lifted himself from a tree branch in front of us and soared low and away. 

What was that?! Was that an eagle?! I was beaming.

There were obvious signs no one had been by to maintain the trail in quite some time. We attempted to continue the full mile, but weren’t outfitted for the tall grass irritating my uncovered feet and Chris’ uncovered legs. Though I adore summer grass and advocate private buff sun sessions, I wasn’t in a hurry to surprise any sleeping field snakes. When we spotted a small garter snake sunning along the path back to our Jeep, I knew I made a good decision.

Tonight we’re heading back for the ledges, a place we visited in the winter on our very first hike. Maybe we’ll pack some wine. Maybe we’ll see new wildflowers. I’ll be sure to pack my guide.

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