My name is Liz, and I'm a graphic designer and letterer
currently living and working in Lansing, Michigan. 

I was raised in the rural area surrounding Alpena, Michigan, a small harbor town on Lake Huron in the Mackinaw State Forest. Life growing up was, for the most part, secluded and largely spent outdoors. Knowing from an early age life would lead me away, my upbringing there marked me, and has kept me grounded through my current state of uncertainty, growth, and change.

In 2011, I published my first post on an entirely different blog. I had just married my husband and left college, by choice, to find out who I was. What I wanted. It was incredibly hard. 

Though I certainly didn't know it at the time, those restless years were some of my most defining. The unconventional path life has taken me has given me perspective and acceptance. So much acceptance - which I dare say has been the best gift.

So this is my record; a personal account of the inspirational, of the daily. If ever I fall quiet, which is inevitable, know that I will be back again. Most likely I'm out on a new trail, or trying that recipe I pinned months ago, or out with a girlfriend working on my second gin fizz (in which case, we're at The Creole, and I'll meet you there).


  1. This is such a lovely blog, glad I found it via Skillshare!

    1. Why thank you Joyce! So glad you stopped over! You've got a cute blog yourself :)


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