Wardrobe Architect Week 1

Have you heard of it? It’s the brain child of Colette’s Sarai Mitnick. Fueled by the rush of adding a new linen piece to my repertoire (the Wiksten dress above), I mad googled for my next pattern and discovered Colette and the Wardrobe Architect series. Ultimately, the series guides us in refining our choices and creating wardrobes we love. This summer I’m taking it on as a way to refresh my closet and create a stronger and deeper connection to the things I choose to have in my life. To sew more and buy less. To not only build a wardrobe, but to architect one with planning and clear thinking. Not minimal, mind you… a collection.

Sarai’s series runs over 13 weeks, each week focusing on a new topic of wardrobe planning. I’ve begun this week and will finish just before the Fall Equinox. This week is about individuality and putting to paper how our personal story influences the way we dress. Touching on our personal history, culture, philosophy, body image, climate, and the day-to-day, this week’s worksheet looks at how we’re all different, and lays a groundwork for the exercises to come.
Doesn’t that sound amazing!? Let’s do this together!! Read Sarai’s introduction to the series here, and then head over to Week 1! If you blog your own progress I’d love to see it (give me your link below!). Here’s to a carefully curated wardrobe that’s uniquely ours. Clink.

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