Summer 2016 Musts

Earlier this week I was in the grocery store restocking up on sun lotion and sparkling water when I saw it. The end of season sale. The floor had been cleared and there stood all the gardening tools, grills, patio lights, and lawn chairs in their discounted glory.

As I write this—bum planted on a blanket in the grass, shoes off, hair up, the sun dipping low to the west leaving a warm humid breeze—I must say,

Summer’s not over.

I was an August baby, and have lived Indian summers my entire life. July is merely our midpoint. Our peak. And while this season has been a bit more tied up for the two of us due to Chris’ new position and our impending move, there are still a few things left on our non-negotiable list to round out this summer:

1     Go to a wine tasting and try something we've never had before.
2     Try stand-up paddle boarding. At sunset.
3     Hit a new trail north of here.
4     More beach days, more bonfire nights.
5     Shop all the indie art fairs.

Something I’ve recently been introduced to and now love is Eventbrite. You're able to look up any city, even remote areas up north, and save happenings you want to get to. One of my favorite finds is a free summer cocktail workshop that's just screaming for a backyard party under the stars (scroll through what else I’m planning to hit up and add to my non-negotiables right here).

So summer is not over babes. Grab your sunscreen, chill the aloe, and hit the road with me.

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