London Day 1

I'm still in a state of flux over flying into London this afternoon. After landing and making our way through the Tube, my eyes were so full of everything. The sprawling green parks enclosed by borders of English Ivy,  potted plants clumped and swarmed on apartment stoops, the bustle and natural hum of the city... It still hasn't hit me. When we made it to our apartment we were shocked at how gorgeous Byron Court is and the size of our place. 
We spent the evening around a table of fish & chips before heading out to explore and stopping at a small grocer to stock up before heading home. I spotted Dash coffee bar on our walk and exhaled; I know where I'll be in the morning... Tomorrow we're visiting a few galleries and dining on Balti cuisine. I have so much more to share but it's finally time to climb into bed and rest after so many traveling hours. xo


  1. Amazing view from your room! Soak it in! Soak it in!


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