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+ Our first snow of winter! 
+ Chris & I bundled up for the annual lighting of the capitol's Christmas tree. We warmed up at one of our favorite pubs and then took our time strolling along Michigan Avenue taking it all in.

December happened! It's already the 6th! Being a student again has had my full attention, but tonight I finally exhaled. Set the work aside, sat down with hot cocoa, Frank and Dean, and unpacked our little collection of trimmings... The Russian nesting dolls Mother gifted me from Bronner's, the clay ornament that carried our wedding bands, the stockings I made our first Christmas together. It's only been one evening, but my spirits have turned around and I'm already feeling that seasonal warmth inside. How about you, ever feel like this time of year slips away too easily? 


  1. I love that your stockings are handmade! Mine are too. :-) Mine was made by my mom, and I made one for Jason to match it.

    1. Oh gosh that stocking must be very precious (not the cutesy precious). Handmade has so much more meaning don't you think? Dad still has the one our grandmother stitched them as babes.

  2. My dad still has his, too! The ones my mom made for herself, Shelley and me are modeled after my dad's. And I agree, handmade has so much more meaning. That stocking brings back so many memories each year when I unpack it and hang it up.


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