sweater weather

Before we let Christmas parties and wish lists take over, let's embrace the rest of November, focusing on the last days of cider mills and scenic nature trails. I put together a simple sweater guide to enjoy the rest of autumn by, and carry well into the wintery months.

For the weekend: By now I think it's safe to say I have a weekend uniform. I always end up in a slouchy sweater and leggings, but you know what? It works so well! For everything from snuggling with our pup to running errands around town, it's the easiest way to look pulled together.

Steal from your significant other: Sometimes the coziest things in our closet aren't ours - they're our man's. There have been so many times I've gone out in something of Chris'; not only can these sweaters (or sweatshirts) be unbelievably soft, but you step out looking effortless, rumpled, and sexy with the added bonus of smelling your lover all day long.

For cold evenings: An oversized cardigan is the perfect companion for spending time with a loved one over mulled wine. I wear these over a silk camisole which is fall-into-bed ready when that nightcap settles in.

For the office: To avoid shivers after hours on end behind the computer, I love swathing myself in thick knits. Beautiful cowl necks like this one stand up to cool drafts and look incredibly chic with camel pants and leopard flats.

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