better each day: a 365 day challenge

I'm going to admit something.

I haven't been feeling the best. Maybe it's that my nearest and dearest aren't so near anymore. Maybe it's that I'm overcrowding my agenda. Whatever it is, I feel like I've been walking in a fog. I thrive on structure and routine, and lately, this domesticated life is getting me down.

I picked up my copy of Jessica Cassity's Better Each Day. I didn't intend to bring it home, but the more I thumbed through the pages, the more it spoke to me. Jessica offers 365 quick tips to put you on a path to live your best life. It's a guide chocked full of top-notch experts giving you the lowdown on health, relationships, happiness, sleep, and wellness in small little bits to live out each day.

My point is, I'm interested in this new structure Jessica offers - infusing some vibrancy into my day-to-day for my wellbeing. So once a day, I'm going to take one of her tips and apply it to my life. I'd love for you to join me on this year-long journey, especially if you're finding yourself feeling the same way. Better yet, find yourself a copy and treat your own life to a cleanse.

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