my toes in my father's woolens  /  the old granary on my folks' property

I left the capital for several weeks and headed northward to usher in springtime on the lake. The lilacs were in full bloom, which is absolutely breathtaking in Northern Michigan, and I'm so thankful I made the trip before the petals began to sprinkle the ground. It was rainy most of my stay, which lent itself to looking through old family albums and drifting in and out of naps on the porch swing as the storms rolled in. Others would disagree, but grey skies over the water & listening to gulls & songbirds is an amazing recharge. On the drier days, my dad & I took on a beautiful new project involving boards from the crumbling granary behind their home (more to come on that awesome venture).

Next week my sister flies in from Colorado with her beau, and the six of us are taking a grand vacation on Mackinac Island - nothing but sun, water, and sailing for days (and maybe some fudge. I mean, we'll be fudgies after all. Must live up to the title).

See more from my stay on my instagram.


  1. your sister's beau? I didn't know about this! It sounds serious. :)

    1. Doesn't it? Sister sure doesn't act like it is. We'll find out soon, won't we! ;)


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