Quilting with Haptic Lab

I started quilting three months ago. It was my last winter break so I made the very conscious decision to tuck myself into the house, lay the quilt out over our table, get cocoa on the stove, and with Youtube's help alongside, I began.

The template was a birthday gift from my mother the year I returned from Paris. I’ve always been turned on by contemporary quilters and Haptic Lab’s city quilts were my first introduction. I knew right then the first quilt I’d ever make would be a wholecloth city map—and that was years ago. High ten! It’s actually happening! 

Unexpectedly, the process has been just as satisfying as seeing the streets take shape on the backside. With each block, different memories surface and I love running my fingers over my neighborhood, favorite spots and restaurants… and before you know it I'm spending more time gazing over the map than working on it! I’ve gone back and forth deciding if I want to mark my places and moments in a contrasting color. There’s something provocative about the subtlety in Emily Fischer’s original city quilts which is what attracted me to them.

And I have to mention the texture. MY GOD the texture. I cannot wait to see it finished, and I’m sure it will spend equal time in my arms as it will up on the wall.

Posted in celebration of National Quilting Day. What’s your quilting origin story?

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