It's me: A love letter to my blog

I visited you only once last year! My god, I am so sorry. I do love you, you know. I mean, I heavily edited your code; made you my own. You're gorgeous, and you deserve so much better. We'll take it slow, we'll make this work. Let's start fresh, shall we?

Graduation is fast approaching, which is why I find myself wanting to spend more time with you. I remember four years ago taking the leap when I was "supposed to be" just beginning my career. I remember making that definitive decision to begin a brand new degree in fine arts, to chase what I wanted, no matter the social stigma. I felt fierce, awakened, and fearless. I still do. Sure, I have my doubts and anxiety and days spent in sweatpants, but on fire. Always on fire.

I've been sewing more basics for my closet, which I can't wait to show you. I have this wild, distant dream of transitioning the majority of my closet into pieces I've made. It's a lovely thought, but in Michigan where lake-effect snow is very real, and Patagonia has perfected the parka, it's an impractical one.

There's so much more to tell you. What do you say? Be mine, again?

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