An Evening Walk in Ossineke

Last week we packed our suitcases and headed for my parents’ home up north. Ossineke (pronounced by locals, aw-seh-neek) is just south of Alpena, and holds some of my younger memories. As a family, we’d always drive through Ossineke en route to Harrisville to visit relatives—another northern village on the lake filled with charm (which I highly recommend you visiting for an ice cream and a trip to Modern Craft Winery’s tasting room).

I pulled a wool sweater from my mom’s drawer—something my grandmother gifted her when she was a teenager. It was the perfect layer for an evening on the beach. 

When we reached the water, the sand was dense from the rain and the air was filled with moisture. There was no longer an icy chill, and with the occasional light breeze, I was finally feeling spring. It was that feeling of everything slowly awakening and coming out from the heavy, cold winter, including our own senses.

We walked and combed the beach, and I found a shimmery, intact clam. One of my favorite things about beaches on the east side of the state is the color palette and textures found in the sand.

On our way back, we met a father who was out near the bank with his little girl. They were looking for minnows for her turtle who had slept all winter. Her dad said something like, “I’m not seeing any, babe,” and she shrieked in this tiny, adorable voice, “Where are all the minnows!?” I laughed right out loud. She’s going to be a good, concerned mama.

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