learning something new: hand lettering

My monogram, and my marriage monogram

I'm so excited to finally share this with you!
I became interested in calligraphy somewhere around two years ago. At the time, calligraphers weren't keen on sharing their technique or secrets, so I sent off to figure it out alone. Sadly, I think I bought the worst penholder and nib a newbie could start with. First, it was an incredibly tricky straight penholder and nib, and it would barely hold ink and only scratched my paper. Frustrated and disappointed, I put that dream aside.

Two years went by, and I came across a workshop being held by the gorgeous and talented Molly Jacques. Lucky enough to have gotten a spot in one of these coveted workshops, my love and confidence was rekindled. My hand is still shaky, and a little all over the place, but it's fun to practice and exciting to see (somewhat) pretty results! I'm getting a tad bit better at individual letters... the trickiest part is connecting them with consistent spacing. We'll see how I come along.

What about you? Have you learned a new skill lately? Life can be so demanding - it's difficult to set aside time for new interests, but gosh is it worth it.

:: Molly Jacques Illustration & Hand Lettering

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