back at home

Our pup Penny is home. She's plum tuckered out from her wonderful 'scripts (little tot is all drugged up), but hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here. She'll be getting on a more easily digested diet to ease the pancreatitis, but she's doing ok. A couple of questionable masses were found in her thigh however, so she'll have to see the doctor again to make sure they aren't cancerous. Talk about hard to swallow.

I'm super anxious for Chris to get back home; he's been in Traverse City on business and I think she's missing him. Me too, sweet fur baby of mine. 


  1. I'm glad she's home! Hopefully those masses will turn out to just be fat deposits. Patriot has had a couple of those and had them removed without problems. I'll just keep on thinking positive thoughts for your sweet furbaby!

    1. Oh thank you so much Marianne... knowing that about Patriot gives me hope!


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